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Mildlife - Chorus

Mildlife - Chorus "Indies Exclusive Red Vinyl" | Pre-Order Out 1/3/24

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Indies Exclusive Red Vinyl 1LP
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Two-time ARIA Award-winning Naarm/Melbourne-based psychedelic jazz outfit Mildlife today announce their much-anticipated third studio LP Chorus.

“Chorus is about a coming together of disparate elements. Not in some sort of utopian aesthetic where everything works perfectly, but in the natural flow and state of things,” says percussionist Jim Rindfleish. “It’s about cosmic compatibility: what makes things work? Not just what makes the band work, but what makes good music, art or love? It's the rhythm of nature.”

As lovers of cosmic French disco and prog rock bands such as Cortex, Mildlife’s galactic influences are often worn heart on sleeve and provide sonic narratives on which to embark. Wild percussive experiments involving strung-together African goat hooves and clusters of seashells come together to form the sounds of undiscovered ecosystems.

Chorus might be an album of individual tracks, band members and experiences, but it’s more than the sum of its parts. It’s microscopic particles forming new minerals or overlapping time signatures folding in on themselves in generative creation. With the release of Chorus the band has once again opened a portal to their singular realm of rhythmic communion. Step into the flow

Mildlife’s Chorus is released 1 March 2024

1. Forever
2. Yourself
3. Sunrise
4. Musica
5. Chorus
6. Future Life
7. Return To Centaurus