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Gorgon Koang - Mal Mi Goa (Liluzu Dub) / Try Again

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Gorgon Koang - Mal Mi Goa (Liluzu Dub) / Try Again


Limited edition 12" vinyl single with original artwork and colour obi strip.

This summer, Music in Exile are very proud to present a series of brand new, late night dance-floor fillers that will see artists collaborate across genres and across cultures.

Each title in the 'Music in Exile Remixed' series will see a contemporary producer from the Australian scene take a deep dive with one of our Music in Exile artists, reimagining their music for an entirely new setting. Parameters will shift, an original expression of feeling from a land long distant will be transplanted into the present moment. How will these new surroundings affect the original recordings?

The first in the series sees up-and-comer Liluzu (aka Melbourne's Lachlan McGeehan) take on South Sudan's undisputed 'King of Music', Gordon Koang.

"The DJ will play this song to all to people around the world, and they will know it and be happy." - Gordon Koang