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Jess Ribeiro - LOVE HATE

Jess Ribeiro - LOVE HATE

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On her new album LOVE HATE, Ribeiro has kissed the swampy humidity of the Australian Music Prize-nominated Kill It Yourself goodbye, and embraced the precise down-strokes and valve-amp hum of a very New York lineage, from the Velvets through to Blondie and Talking Heads. Produced by Ben Edwards (Aldous Harding/Marlon Williams), it traverses the seven stages of love - capped by those lethally cool vocals for which Ribeiro is revered.


1. Stranger

2. Chair Stare

3. Vignette 1 - You Should Be With Me

4. Young Love

5. Goodbye Heart

6. Vignette 2 - Cry Baby

7. Dylan

8. Love Is The Score Of Nothing

9. Painkiller

10. Vignette 3 - Spirit In White

11. Lay Down With The Earth

12. Crawling Back To You