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Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy

Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy

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Format: Black Vinyl 2LP

Cat No: WIGLP458

Hopkins on Music For Psychedelic Therapy

Music For Psychedelic Therapy is not ambient, classical or drone but has elements of all three. For me it’s a place as much as it is a sound. It works for the sober mind, but takes on a new dimension entirely when brought into a psychedelic ceremony. In my own psychedelic explorations testing this music, I found a quote I had read would keep coming to mind. “Music is liquid architecture, architecture is frozen music”. I love this idea of music as something you inhabit, something that works on you energetically. In fact, it was while in that state that the title appeared to me. Psychedelic-assisted therapies are moving into legality across the world, and yet it feels like no one is talking about the music. But the music is as important as the medicine”.


1. Welcome
2. Tayos Caves, Ecuador i
3. Tayos Caves, Ecuador ii
4. Tayos Caves, Ecuador iii
5. Love Flows Over Us In Prismatic Waves
6. Deep In The Glowing Heart
7. Ascending, Dawn Sky
8. Arriving
9. Sit Around The Fire (with Ram Dass, East Forest)

Music For Psychedelic Therapy 
was produced and recorded by Jon Hopkins. Field recordings on Tayos Caves, Ecuador are by Mendel Kaelen and multi-dimensional synthesis and woodland surround are by 7RAYS.