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Josephson - Love, Sex And Chemo

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Josephson is a singer-songwriter, producer and band from Brisbane, Australia who writes modern folk music focussed around meaningful lyrics, ambient electric guitar, powerful rhythms and layered vocals. Inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens and Nick Cave, Josephson paints a rich and emotional musical landscape delivering a powerful and captivating live performance. Off the back of the recent release of their debut single ‘The Coast’ and a highly successful launch show at one of Australia's most revered venues, the Tivoli Brisbane, Josephson is set to release their full length debut album in late November 2020. 

In 2017 Josephson formed into a five-piece band with friends Jaymee Watkin, Harry Pierce, Tim Watkin and Marc Dubios; and set about recording an album in a house in Nashua, just outside Byron Bay. The band came away with eleven partially complete songs. However shortly after this Josephson plunged into a series of life events that delayed the completion of the album. The front man re-directed all his energy into attempting to build a music studio/house with his friends in the forest outside Brisbane. 

Then in August 2019 Josephson was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer and was to spend 6 months on chemotherapy. He found he was no longer well enough to continue to work on building his studio and decided to use the energy he did have to finish making his album.

‘Love, Sex and Chemo’ is this album. A self produced and mixed album that is the culmination of years of songwriting combined with songs freshly written whilst Josephson was on chemotherapy. The album is a project of pure passion and emotion that from personal experience attempts to speak universally about the poetry in the highs and lows of love, death, life and everything in between.

1. Port Cath
2. The Coast
3. Chemo
4. Angel A
5. Colours
6. Oh I Know
7. Evelyn
8. Broken Things
9. Silence Is A Warm Friend

Format: Black Vinyl LP - Ltd. pressing of 150

Label: Josephson Records