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Keaton Henson - House Party (viny)

Keaton Henson - House Party (viny)

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Format : Standard Vinyl
Release date : 9th June 2023

Keaton is perhaps best known for his beautifully fragile and personal explorations of anxiety, separation, mental illness and loss across the 6 studio albums since his 2010 debut Dear... Despite critical acclaim and a fervent cult following, Keaton has always been shrouded by an air of mystery having largely avoided interviews and social media… until now.
On House Party Keaton has chosen to inhabit an alternate version of himself who from the outset, aggressively pursued fame and all its trappings. This narrator, who is embodied by the pink-suited Keaton of the Tristan Pigott-designed album artwork and imagery, also allows over the course of 12 stunning and pop-driven tracks, the real Keaton to explore his own story and motivation.

Tracklist :

  1. I'm Not There
  2. Rain in My Favourite House
  3. Envy
  4. The Meeting Place
  5. Two Bad Teeth
  6. Stay
  7. Late To You
  8. Parking Lot
  9. Holiday
  10. The Mine
  11. Hooray
  12. Hide Those Feelings