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Partner Look - By The Book

Partner Look - By The Book

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Partners, Sisters and Friends. Partner Look are a Melbourne-based band made up of German sisters Ambrin (Cool Sounds) and Anila Hasnain (Studio Magic), who are joined by their partners Dainis Lacey (Cool Sounds) and Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party). The members also share a history of friendship and musical bonds. Trouble In Mind (in conjunction with Spunk/Osbourne Again in Australia) is honored to be releasing “By The Book” - the band’s debut - a twelve-track charmer that swoons and smirks with a scrappy, yet sophisticated take on sparkling indie pop.

Format: Black Vinyl LP

Label: Spunk Records


1. Partner Look 
2. Rodeo Tragic 
3. Water 
4. Right Here 
5. Leroy 
6. Speed Limit 
7. Deutschland 
8. Diamonds 
9. Grasshopper
10. Chipsy 
11. Geelong 
12. Endless Plains