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Squid - O Monolith (Indie Exclusive Blue LP)

Squid - O Monolith (Indie Exclusive Blue LP)

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Format : Indie Exclusive Blue 

Squid announce their second album, O Monolith, out June 9th via Warp Records, and present their lead single and video, ‘Swing (In A Dream)’. Over the course of the last couple of years, and with their top 5 charting debut Bright Green Field, Squid have established themselves as one of the most innovative new bands from the UK, live and on record, “eschewing individual showmanship in favor of scorching collective peaks” (Pitchfork). Produced by long-time collaborator, Dan Carey, and mixed by John McEntire (of Tortoise), their sophomore album, O Monolith, teems with melodic epiphanies and is a musical evocation of environment, domesticity and self-made folklore. Like its predecessor, it is dense and tricksy – but also more warm, with a winding, questioning nature. A sense of open conversation is cultivated: this is unmistakably music made by friends. 

Tracklist :

  1. Swing (In A Dream)
  2. Devil’s Den
  3. Siphon Song
  4. Undergrowth
  5. The Blades
  6. After The Flash
  7. Green Light
  8. If You Had Seen The Bull’s Swimming Attempts You Would Have Stayed Away