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Ty Segall - Hello, Hi (Vinyl)

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Hello, Hi's flickering awakening to this trip: the opening three tracks' train of sweet and salty reflections, before the abrupt crunch of the title track electrifies the senses. Good morning's turned to good mourning in nothing flat, but there's still a way up from the doldrums, to try again. Why can't it be just as simple as Hello, Hi? What to do with yourself when love triggers loathing? How many more times do you have to go back there again? Pulling at the scratchy wool threads of an old sweater favored for warmth, comfort, protection, rejection, denial, blindness etc, Ty Segall dives from a clear, open sky, down through the marine layer and the shimmering waves of all the years. Radiating from the same mind fields as Goodbye Bread and Sleeper, mixed with shard
edges of contrast and contradiction from things like
Freedom's Goblin, Manipulator, and First Taste, Hello, Hi is Ty's most relaxed and complete production to date, an ebb-and flow fusion of words and music offering abstraction and acceptance as it wrestles itself through a fucked-up time.

Format: Black Vinyl LP


Release Date: 22nd July 2022

1. Good Morning
2. Cement
3. Over
4. Hello, Hi
5. Blue
6. Looking at You
7. Don't Lie
8. Saturday Pt. 1
9. Saturday Pt. 2
10. Distraction